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On poop and meteorites

January 2023

Imagined Tomorrow new episode
A podcast imagining Indian futures

November 2022

Hello people. I’m alive. I’m also one of those hundred others who start a newsletter, then disappear. Thing is, the Times of India asked me to take my…

August 2022

There’s one regret I have. As a child, I never learned to play a sport the proper way. That is, from a coach, with disciplined training sessions. The…

July 2022

A YouTube video and a conversation lead to two new rabbit hole dives.
And Oil
Welcome back, folks. Let’s get straight to two of my most recent meanderings. Knuckles and Scrotums.

June 2022

First of all, welcome to my newsletter. This one’s going to be about stuff I find on the internet — sometimes off the internet — when I’m doing research…
This is Down The Rabbit Hole, a newsletter about internet gems, questions, and nonsense that I end up spending hours on.